September 18, 2011

the number is 22

the big double two. 

yesterday was added another 1year of living. and I officially am 22years old of age. 
there's nothing I want more in my life. I just wish I can be the best that I can be. 
I pray that God help me to be what He want me to be. 
and to do what He want me to do. 

by the way, to all Family and Friends. I really appreciate for the wishes. GBU.

but I was really loved by this one video posted by my dear friend. which at first I the one who told them to do it. 

hahaha. sangat comel! 

amoi, oyen n shery. 
harmonious song. 
tapi yang saya tidak tahan si amoi teriak time part last. 
burst out laughing. LOL

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