October 13, 2011

Cuterians Gath.

i admit, i am totally excited this coming December!
because i had the chance to meet Arms and Aki aka Reks
actually i am not really thrill to see Aki because i've met him before..hahaha...tidak bah aki.gurau2. :D 

well this gath will be held at Tanjung Aru Beach, which Beach? that will confirm by Aemy later. 
taken date on 18th Dec and time on 2.34pm. 
this gath suppose to be cute. 
define cute? 

who wanna join? 

while thinking of cute. who remember this? 

this game was definitely my favorite! i remember holding the game stick tight because afraid been snatch away from my cousin who love to play this game too. 
and i remember how i take control of the game and not letting anyone play it until i reach the level that i want to. 
i taught this game were cute. 
i might wanna dress like this on the Cuterians Gath?? 
LOL JK. :) 
see ya on the Cuterians Gath! hihi 

3 mumblings:

Armstrong said...

Keykho! Kita akan berjumpa ka ni hehee. Looking forward to the end of the year! Hahaaa.

Ba bawa Adam Levine ko aa ;D Wakakaa

Happy Friday!

keykho said...

yaa!! kita akan berjumpa! hihi...harap harap dia pun free.. *finger crossed* manalatau ko dpt jumpa adam levine artis.. (versi saya la) wakakakaka

Daniel Chiam said...

Whats the name of the game again? cant recall at the moment.

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