July 15, 2011

Amoureux Du Livre.

amoureux du livre. 
book lover in English.

well, i see no point for me to apologies for the late post or what-so-ever since i do it all over again and again and yes! again.
actually, i have no idea what to blog.
but i really wanna tell ya sumthin'
i currently on my way to reach my goal which wanna read at least 10 books this year.
*finger crossed*

you can see my books on:

i finished Man and Boy by Tony Parsons,
Winter in Madrid by C.J. Sansom
and now 
Sputnik Sweethearts by Haruki Murakami.
 super excited :)

here some pic of the book 

don't get me wrong, i have no idea with what book i desire, i simply pick up what caught my eye and whats motivate me: DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.
furthermore, i read the synopsis, quite interesting isn't it?! 
so go buy for you one! 

3 mumblings:

Aki said...

best ka?? hehe.. mana ko beli??

Akemi Siegel said...

okay, do your best to achieve your goal :D

keykho said...

reks...sy tidak beli...sy donlod...hahaha... :) sy tenampak melalui intenet..kekeke...sory..main tipu nie..tp dua buku yg sy baca tu sy beli la :)

akemi...thank you thank you!!

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