January 5, 2011

i wish i had a creative brain.

ever since i was a little girl i had a dream to have a skillful hand which can make old and ugly things to be a useful and cute things.

back in my kindergarten years, my classmates i guess?, drew a beautiful fish and other creature of sea. it was such a colourfull paint i ever see. i was so jealous. i couldn't do like what she did. she did very great. even my teacher compliment her for her great work. i bet my other friend also wish could do like hers.

i am never be able do something so beautiful like that. even the most beautiful paints i can drew, i just manage to have C+.

till now. i am still a jerk for something that so creative and beautiful. i don't have that talent. but i really wish i had some of the handy hand that can turn anything to be such cutey and lovely thing..OH i just only can wish!

even now..i am thinking of renewing my blog background and trying to learn on photoshop on how to create something cute and adorable.

but..I CAN'T DO IT :(

anybody? help me please. 

2 mumblings:

exyanne said...

hehe.. I bet U got the Idea but U can't express it out rite??? It's easy for us,but not for U rite?? So,don't bother Urself,sometimes,we need to leave that things to other,while U do urs.. Hehe.. Don't find out where U r not good at,instead find out,where U r really good are.. Trust me.. And yeah,U can count on me about drawing and photoshoping,not that I too good at that,but I can help other about it.. ^_^.v..

keykho said...

yeah...sy ada pembantu tolong buat photoshop hehe :) nanti minta ajar dgn sifu! :))

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