August 26, 2010

sunshine ~@

i am not totally exhausted today.
seems shopping is one of my hobby haha..mentang2 la hari ni elaun.mmg tidak ingat dunia.
i encountered my list and already bought what i needed the most.
still lust uncontrollable..there's lot of things need to be considered.tamak o manusia kan.ihh.
i am happy today..cause:

1.Katak (alif fauzi) beat the cupid. finally seeing and dating someone else. which awkward for me at first cause seeing him as a matured man already.hahaha. adeii tulung la kiko, besala ba tu kan. celcombill only RM18.20. AMAZING. well. haha. terlalu jimat suda sy ni bulan.

3.will proceed on taking my driving license..yeehaa..

last but not least!

4.bought me a novel entitled WHAT THE DOG SAW.

yay!! cant wait to read it :) hehe...

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