August 11, 2010

romeo n juliet

i'm on vacation today(not the real vacation tough), 
today is the 1st ramadhan so thanks for being in here(kedah) that we have our cuti. hehe
soo bored actually because of having nothing to do instead tgk wayang, tidur, makan, etc etc
facebook pun aduhh.....bored ody.
so..while in this msg2 with jonathan..
GOD only know how much i miss him..
he asked me: buat apa syg?
me: teda..mau buat blog tapi tidak tau mau ckp apa..teda ilham.
him: bha..cari ilham la syg..b rindu ney.


i know...i know...there's no need for me to blog about this kann...
but i can't help it..he is always soooo adorable to me every minute.
there's lot of lot of lot of things he said to me that always blown my heart away.

i love you forever jonathan!

2 mumblings:

Anonymous said...

thats normal when u're seriously deeply in love. everything about him can become a story :)

keykho said...

hehe...tu la yvone...trus sy malu esehh :)

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