August 23, 2010

mama..lumangad oku dika.

i cannot forget my mother, she is my bridge.
when i needed to get across, she steadied herself long enough for me to run across safely. ~

my mother is chubby, small body. but a gigantic heart. a heart so lovable that everybody joy founds welcome in it, and hospitable accommodation. ~

21.08.2010,pm: mama admitted wad..high fever, vomit..swelling leg..

----> i am far far away from nasib baik la my sister there.
----> apa yg sy mampu..tanya perkembangan terbaru dari kiding.(sister)

22.08.2010,am(i called):

----> kidding ckp ada kena bg dextrose 5%..due to pekak thought on medical goin wild in my own imagination..saying science term with my sister who is just an english teacher..i thought that mama got blood sugar examination..suddenly without hesitation i'm on my way for the conclusion that my mama might have diabetic problem..there there,terlalu risau suda sy :(

----> and si kidding pun terima ja with my statement because maybe she thought that i knew better..but I WAS WRONG! omg.dat's why la doctor tidak bole bedah their own family.thats what happening to me.

----> and i spoke to my mama..she's sound healthy (but actually not, she's trying to make me feel better. and i started crying.) then she said..'aiya yo, knpa nangis..mama sihat bah.'

22.08.2010,pm(i called):

----> kidding said mcm ada infeksi dlm air kencing dia n d dlm darah.. i am quite blur actually, because they not so sure what type of infection.

still on going treatment in the ward, but mama ingat mau balik rumah suda. :( how i really wish i am there taking care to her now. 


god bless her.

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