May 16, 2010

our beloved exam..

i was thinking that..why would on earth do we have to be in school? why does taking examination is compulsory? i hate exam! boo hoo!

anyway, i'm just crapping...the thing is...i'm gonna miss my colorful widget..though i hate exam but they do help me a lot here...way much a lot than u think..haha...i am sure that different people have their own way to study isn't? on my own...i like study last minute hahahaha!

i was just finished my final sem3 examination...well...i am way too tired anyway..bha faham2 la bha...stay up late nite kan...n what most amazing is that i finished off all of my nescafe packet (30 sachet) tau2 la kalo study last minit nie..but then still worried about the result..argh! but what most important is that...


adios my beloved exam...

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