October 3, 2010


i am not the one that will always love nature because i hate mosquito and chali.
but..i am concern with our nature.
in fact..i am throwing rubbish to where it has to be.

nowadays, people don't care with the consequences of destroying the nature.
people always said that construction lead human to become more tyrannical.
but the truth is.
when human fall into sin..they already are cruel ever.
it is because the sin itself.

i am sad.
because tree that are healthy in front of our hostel now are gone.vanish. 
due to the development for a better highway.


ini lah pokok yang telah ditumbangkan..huhu...sadis!

cruel.tyrannical. but what can i say.
now..i support GO GREEN.
erm..ada ka website dia tu?
hehhee..tidak apa la...WWF bole jg kan?? kekeke

PEOPLE! stop destroying nature..except for chali and mosquito..kill them as you wish..ngeeehehehe....

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exyanne said...


mantus boy kalumbiyan said...

nice.. agreed~.. we all need need a sleep without a bite~... ( keliru~ )

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