October 28, 2010

butt on the chair people.

as days goes by..my practical session is over..(actly it is not that over since this saturday was the last day..but who cares! i am done with the stupid staff and all bla bla bla)

anyway.. i am glad that i've been trough all those heavy latent struck rock with oh-so-stupid-people..with a not-sincere-smile, i am waving the ward with no regret at all and showing off only my butt.

haha~! padahal..sem depan ada lagi praktikal shit!

why am I blogging this? this is not my purpose..uhh..don't mind me please..this is how some beauty-perasan like me would say when the cloud turns grey..

okay people..exam is around the corner..so stick your butt on the chair and start reading and don't sleep!

what?? stick your butt on chair and blog? ohh okay..that doesn't count..i prefer that as study also..wakakak..

good luck in exam to my fella classmate..and to those who will be facing any examination..i would say..HIT IT WITH ALL THAT U GOT dowg!

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