February 16, 2014

gohssss....Marriage life

I am Married with my (i believe) best Friend! 
four months past. 
till we tie the knot. 
i am happily stay close with him here in Sandakan currently. 
for being married is like, a blessing. :) 
kind of, gift from God. 
to have someone who will love and hate you till forever.
i am actually still not believed that i am married! haha 
anyway, of course after being married and settle down all you will think is... conceived and make the family grow.
that what i am doing now. hahaha 
sory 18sx.

so for concluded my post today. i will share you a pic of me and hubby during our honeymoon in Bali. 

till next post kawan.
hugs and kisses :) 

4 mumblings:

Joanne Juend said...

Ahhh... Honeymoon.. hehe

Keykho keikohss said...

ya ahahahha...terobek. hehe Joanne Juend

beaty said...

bh jn kasi lama kio kiko..

Michelle Sung said...

make it grow grow growww hahaha gete ooh..hee sya pun mau ba pg baliiiii

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