July 18, 2013

So Much To DO. and Soooooo Little TIME.

hai. helo. hmm..
feels awkward for not be able to update blog for the past few centuries? decade? wakakaka
i know. u miss me right. hehe miss you too.

actually i was kind of bored looking my old template. i want to change them. but you see. to change and to beautify this blog of mine needs time. energy. mind blowin idea. all sort of thing. and. bad news was. saya pemalas. 

and you see. i am not a very creative. and (mau tambah alasan lagi) i was busy with my life. you know. work. bake. bride-to-be. that kind of stuff. 

but for friends that were following me on instagram, i was actually update segala apa yg berlaku like. every week maybe? kan. 

hehe. just now i post something on Oyen FB trying to persuade her to tukar this template of mine. but then. Shery and Ona comment something that i should be grateful about. blogging or whatever we call this is actually is from our heart. its what our mind want to share to friends out there isn't it? 

ba ok la. will try to update blog la this. biar la my sunmanglish (dusun.malaysia.english) ni ah. hehe.

ba for starting story bout my life or coretan sembarang for today is. i want to share that i bake butter cake today! yay! 

all my cake recipe were all from online stuff. i sometimes change it a bit. and sometimes follow the whole instruction. usually follow all. 

and this time. i follow all. aha! 

and ya. follow all the instruction given. and this is the result! 

i like it. its soft. not very sweet. and i loved it. 
im kinda bit proud of myself (ceh padahal bake yg senang seja pun)

ya. u should try and bake it urself. hehe. 

thats all for today! yeayyyyy i finally get to post something to my blog! big achievement! waakakakaka

till next post kawan!

2 mumblings:

lilies.john said...

congrate!!! yg pting itu cake kasi terai kami arr.. haha

Keykho keikohss said...

tingkiuuuuuuu...sy bangga skijap hahaha..baa God willing. ini kalo kerajinan melanda ni baru ada tebikin.

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